M.Eng. Malte Riesner

M.Eng.Research Associate, PhD Student


University of Duisburg-Essen
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Ship Technology and Ocean Engineering
Bismarckstrasse 69, 47057 Duisburg, Germany
Phone: +49 203 379-2593
E-Mail: malte.riesner[at]uni-due.de


  • Present Position
    Research Assosiate (Ship Dynamics, Fluid-Structure-Interaction, Ship Maneuvering)
  • Professional Activities
    Reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals
  • Past Position
    2011-2012           Research Associate at the Center of Maritime Technologies e.V. (structural analysis of lightweight structures made of composites)
  • Education
    2009-2011           M.Eng Naval Engineering (University of Applied Science Kiel)
    2006-2009           B.Eng Naval Engineering (University of Applied Science Kiel)


  • Design of Ships and Offshore Structures 2


Development of a Numerical Method to Compute Wave Induced Forces, Rigid Body Motions and Elastic Deformations of Ships in Oblique Seas


Scholarship from the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“ (during studies)

Scholarship from the „Rheinstahl Stiftung“ (during studies


Journal Papers (peer-review):

Conference Papers (peer-review):

  • Riesner, M., Ley, J., el Moctar, O., 2018,
    “An Efficient Approach to Predict Wave-Induced Global Hydroelastic Ship Response”,
    8th International Conference on HYDROELASTICITY IN MARINE TECHNOLOGY, Seoul, Korea.
  • Riesner, M.; el Moctar, O.; Schellin, T.E (2018),
    Design Related Speed Loss and Fuel Consumption of Ships in Seaways.
    In: 4th International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal,


  • Myland, T., Riesner, M., Chillcce, G., el Moctar, O., 2019,
    “Entwicklung eines innovativen Mehrzweckschiffs für Wartung und Reparatur von Offshore-Windenergieanlagen - INNOSHIP”,
    Final Report: 0303X461B
  • Riesner, M., el Moctar, O., 2018, 
    “Entwicklung eines numerischen Verfahrens zur Vorhersage von resonanten Schiffskörpervibrationen von Schiffen im Seegang“,
    Final Report, DFG-Project EL 611/4-1.
  • Riesner, M., Sigmund, S., el Moctar, O., 2016,
    „Performance von Schiffen im Seegang - PerSee : Schlussbericht zum Teilvorhaben: Entwicklung von numerischen Verfahren zur Bestimmung des Leistungsbedarfs von Schiffen im Seegang – NumSee“,
    Final Report, DOI: 10.2314/GBV:873294491