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Ultrafast Phenomena in Solids and at Interfaces

In the focus of our research are microscopic interaction mechanisms of charge, vibration, and magnetic degrees of freedom in condensed matter. We aim at an understanding of energy transfer between these subsystems and energy transport along spatial coordinates and focus on low dimensions and nanostructures.

Poster award for Ljupka Stojechevska-Malbasic at ICFSI 16 

Dr. Stojchevska-Malbasic received the poster award for her presentation "Study of the photoinduced hidden state in 1T-TaS_2 single crystals doped with selenium by means of time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy". This work was carried out as a part of her Humboldt Research Fellowship.


Recently published:
A. Alekhin et al.
Femtosecond spin current pulses generated by the non-thermal spin-dependent Seebeck effect and interacting with ferromagnets in spin valves
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 017202 (2017)

Recently published:

T. Frigge et al.
Optically excited structural transition in atomic wires on surfaces at the quantum limit
Nature 544, 207 (2017).