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    Journal articles

  • Singh, Asha; Srivastava, Himanshu; Chari, Rama; Jayabalan, Jesumony
    Effect of the orientation of non-spherical metal nanoparticle with respect to light polarization on its transient optical response
    In: Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering Vol. 6 (2023) Nr. 2, 023005
  • Heckschen, Markus; Beyazit, Yasin; Shomali, Elaheh; Kühne, Florian; Jayabalan, Jesumony; Zhou, Ping; Diesing, Detlef; Gruner, Markus; Pentcheva, Rossitza; Lorke, Axel; Sothmann, Björn; Bovensiepen, Uwe
    Spatio-Temporal Electron Propagation Dynamics in Au/Fe/MgO(001) in Nonequilibrium: Revealing Single Scattering Events and the Ballistic Limit
    In: PRX Energy Vol. 2 (2023) Nr. 4, 043009
  • Beyazit, Yazin; Kühne, Florian; Diesing, Detlef; Zhou, Ping; Jayabalan, Jesumony; Sothmann, Björn; Bovensiepen, Uwe
    Ultrafast electron dynamics in Au/Fe/MgO(001) analyzed by Au- and Fe-selective pumping in time-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy : Separation of excitations in adjacent metallic layers
    In: Physical Review B Vol. 107 (2023) Nr. 8, 085412
  • Kühne, Florian; Beyazit, Yasin; Sothmann, Björn; Jayabalan, Jesumony; Diesing, Detlef; Zhou, Ping; Bovensiepen, Uwe
    Ultrafast transport and energy relaxation of hot electrons in Au/Fe/MgO(001) heterostructures analyzed by linear time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
    In: Physical Review Research Vol. 4 (2022) Nr. 3, 033239