DUET Duisburg University English Theatre

In a high-rise slum tenement, Om Prakash’s family need a source of income in order to survive. So Om signs himself up to Interplanta, to supply as a “Donor” whatever very rich “Receivers” on the other side of the globe may require. All he has to do is stay at home and keep fit, in return for unlimited spare time, free health food supply and some great home luxuries. How cool is that! Deal? Of course - deal! A futuristic satire by well-known Indian playwright Manjula Padmanabhan.

Performances are January 31 and February 1 and 2,  2024 at 7.30 pm.
Additionally February 3 (Saturday matinee!) at 5.30 pm.

Tickets in aid of the theatre: 6,- €,
(reduced rate for students, pensioners, the unemployed 3,- €)

Should you wish to reserve tickets in advance, please contact duet@uni-due.de

What do we do?

To start with, we do theatre games and exercises that will allow both complete beginners and more experienced members to practise, experiment, and have fun together. This involves silent games, improvised situations, physical exercise (of the easy kind) - and playing around!

Our summer term work is a weekly drama workshop. We read scenes from various plays and practise different forms of dramatic expression. Sometimes we rehearse short items for a specific purpose. We also experiment with subjects and scenes for the next production.

In the winter term we rehearse a play to be performed in January or February, so after some introductory work we apply for a licence to perform the new play, then we cast the parts and start rehearsing.

About us

We are an amateur theatre group open to students of all faculties, ex-students and others. All our work is done in the English language. Our aim is to practise English, explore drama, offer social contact and contribute to the cultural face of the university.

We are students and ex-students; some are native speakers of English. Some of us are in the middle of their exams, others are complete newcomers looking for challenges. We usually start at zero every term. Anyone interested in taking part should check out our homepage and contact us by e-mail (duet@uni-due.de) – we’ll be happy to meet you.)

Duet 4

What can you do?

If you speak and understand English fluently and enjoy using it, you are welcome to play a part in our winter term production. But if you don’t want to act, or your English is not fluent enough for the stage, you can learn to do the lights, help with the sound effects, design a poster, help with the set construction, make-up, costume and props, and give technical, computer-based and general assistance. So why not join in the fun and excitement - for this term or for as long as you like!

Bring along: Yourself and a good sense of humour! You will need comfortable clothing: we do games and exercises that involve sitting or lying on the floor and some hopping about.


Our contact at the university is Mair Edmunds-Harrington (Campus Essen, R12 R05 A45, 0201/183-2814). But you can also just show up at the workshop and see whether you like it.

Check our homepage for starting dates, current events and previous productions or email us at Duet@uni-due.de

Past performances