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19.08.2020 Assessment Test Prerequisite & CLC I Exam Registration Winter Term 2020/21

Due to the fact that the Assessment Test cannot take place this semester, we have had to come up with an alternative solution. Regularly, all students must participate in the Assessment Test. In fact, students who plan on becoming teachers must pass the Assessment Test with 50 % or more in order to be able to register for the exam connected to the language course entitled Comprehensive Language Course I (CLC I). In winter term 2020/21, we will be unable to administer the Assessment Test due to ongoing coronavirus measures. Therefore, we have decided to waive this requirement for the time being. This means that students can register for the CLC I exam without first having completed or having passed the Assessment Test. Furthermore, if a student passes the CLC I exam, this will count as also having passed the Assessment Test. These students will not be required to take the Assessment Test in a future semester. Registration for exams will take place during the scheduled online registration period.
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Orientation for Prospective Students Is English for Me?

Is English for me?

We would be very pleased to welcome every student to our department, yet we understand that studying English is not for everyone. Apart from taking a closer look at our website and catalog of courses, we devised a test that should help you answer the question: "Is studying English for me?" This test will not be graded and your answers will be anonymous. The test, however, will provide you with feedback about how well you would fit in one of our degree programs: the academic Bachelor in English or the teacher-training Bachelor in English.

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International Students

First contact: UDE International Office

The International Office (IO) is responsible for cooperation at international level. For students who want to study abroad or need to finance their studies, the IO is the right place to come.

It also takes care of prospective and present foreign students as well as doctoral candidates and visiting academics from abroad.

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Bitte um Nutzung der Uni-E-Mail-Adressen

Jeder eingeschriebene Student der UDE erhält automatisch eine Uni-E-Mail-Adresse. Bitte stellen Sie rechtzeitig sicher, dass diese für Sie freigeschaltet ist und rufen Sie dieses Postfach regelmäßig ab.

Eine Registrierung und Kursanmeldung wird ausschließlich mit dieser E-Mail-Adresse möglich sein.

Wenn Sie die Standard-Uni-E-Mailadresse ( verwenden, erleichtern Sie gleichzeitig der Hochschule und den Dozenten mit Ihnen Kontakt aufzunehmen oder Nachrichten von Ihnen im Posteingang zu finden. Bei Verwendung der offiziellen E-Mail-Adresse vermindern Sie auch das Risiko, dass Ihre Nachrichten vom Spam-Filter abgefangen werden.

ERASMUS Students

Erasmus students who have been unable to register for classes online are kindly requested to consult lecturers before attending seminars and language classes. This will help ensure that the course is suitable and that there is enough space.

Info für Bewerber mit extern erworbenem Bachelor-Abschluss Einschreibung in Masterstudiengänge

Für die Einschreibung in die Masterstudiengänge des Fachs Anglophone Studies ist es für BewerberInnen mit extern erworbenem Bachelor-Abschluss zwingend notwendig, sich mit dem Institutsreferenten, Dr. Torsten Caeners, in Verbindung zu setzen.