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Dr. Civitillo works at Utrecht University since 01.10.2022.

His new e-mail is:

Research Interests

  • Discrimination and Racism in the school context

  • Teachers’ cultural diversity beliefs

  • Culturally responsive teaching

Akademischer Werdegang


2018-2022  Post-Doc in the Intercultural Psychology Group - Migration and Integration, University of Duisburg-Essen
2014-2018 PhD in Education, University of Potsdam, Department of Inclusive Education, PhD Thesis ‘Teachers’ cultural diversity beliefs and culturally responsive practices
2012-2014 Master of Science: Research Master in Behavioural Science, Radboud University Nijmegen

Master in Education: Educational Effectiveness and Instructional Design, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

2006-2009 Master in Clinical Psychology, Università degli Roma La Sapienza
2003-2006 Bachelor in Clinical Psychology, Università degli Roma La Sapienza


Schachner, M., Schwarzenthal, M., Moffitt, U., Civitillo, S., & Juang, L. (in press). Capturing a nuanced picture of classroom cultural diversity climate: Multigroup and multilevel analyses among secondary school students in Germany. Contemporary Educational Psychology.

Civitillo, S., & Juang, L. (2020). How to best prepare teachers for multicultural schools: Challenges and perspectives. In P. F. Titzmann & P. Jugert (Eds.). Youth in superdiverse societies: Growing up with globalization, diversity, and acculturation (pp. 285-301). London: Routledge.

Civitillo, S., Juang, L., Badra, M., & Schachner, M. (2019). The interplay between culturally responsive teaching, cultural diversity beliefs, and self-reflection: A multiple case study. Teaching and Teacher Education, 77, 341-351.

Civitillo, S., Juang, L., & Schachner, M. (2018). Challenging beliefs about cultural diversity in education:  A synthesis and critical review of trainings with pre-service teachers. Educational Research Review, 24, 67-83.

Civitillo, S., Schachner, M., Juang, L, Van de Vijver, F., Handrick, A., & Noack, P. (2017). Towards a better understanding of cultural diversity approaches at school: A multi-informant and mixed-methods study. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 12, 1-14.

Civitillo, S., Juang, L, Schachner, M., & Börnert, M. (2016). Validierung einer deutschen Version der “Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Self-Efficacy Scale”. Empirische Sonderpadagögik, 3, 279-288.

Civitillo, S., Juang, L, & Schachner, M. (2016). Kulturelle vorstellungen in der lehrerbildung: Status quo und möglichkeiten der veränderung. ZEIF, 9, 1-8.

Civitillo, S., Denessen, E., & Molenaar, I. (2016). How to see the classroom through the eyes of a teacher: Consistency between perceptions on diversity and differentiation practices. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 16, 587-591.

Civitillo, S., de Moor, J. & Vervloed, M. (2016). Examining pre-service teachers’ beliefs about inclusive education in the Netherlands: An exploratory study. Support for Learning, 31, 104-121.

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