Intercultural Psychology Group - Migration and Integration

Our research,

Intercultural Psychology researches human experience and behavior in situations in which people come into contact with different cultures.

The research topics of the group are at the interface of social and developmental psychology and focus on the development of children and adolescents in the context of ethnic diversity. The research focus of the group is on intergroup relations, identity development, acculturation and educational processes, and political socialization.

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Our Team

With our team's research, we want to contribute to children and young people's social participation and political participation in a plural and diverse society. To this end, we use a broad spectrum of methods, ranging from quantitative methods (longitudinal and diary studies) to qualitative methods (interviews/focus group, discourse analysis).



In our courses, we aim to provide students with basic knowledge of central models and findings in intercultural psychology as well as skills for critical reception and application of intercultural research in their professional practice.



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