Information from the Founding DeanFor students

The new Faculty of Computer Science will be formally established on 01.10.2023. An information event will take place on 12.10.2023, with sessions in Duisburg in the morning at 10 o'clock in room LB 104 and in Essen in the afternoon at 14 o'clock in room Aula SH (SH 601). All students of our degree programmes are cordially invited to attend!

For you as students, there will be minimal immediate changes, and the most important assurance is that you can continue your studies as before. All courses, including those from our previous faculties, will be offered as before. All degree programmes will continue without changes.

With the new faculty now housing all disciplines from Computer Science, Komedia, and Business Informatics under one roof, there will be enhanced opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and strengthening elective course offerings.

Upon graduation, students will receive degree certificates issued by the Faculty of Computer Science.

The final location of the faculty has not yet been determined by the Rectorate. Furthermore, construction of a facility large enough to house the entire faculty is necessary. Therefore, there will be no immediate campus relocations. As a result, courses will continue to be offered in Essen or Duisburg as usual. Any updates on this matter will be promptly communicated.

Currently, the existing faculties (IngWiss and WiWi) retain responsibility. However, this will change with the formal establishment of the new faculty, and separate information will be provided accordingly. Should you have any inquiries regarding the new faculty, please direct them to the founding dean, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torben Weis.

Information from the Founding DeanFor employees

On 01.10.2023, the UDE will officially establish a new Faculty of Computer Science. All subject areas of the ICB (Faculty of Business and Economics) and the INKO department (Faculty of Engineering) will be assigned to the new faculty. Additionally, all of our existing degree programmes and enrolled students will be transferred to this new faculty. You do not need to take any action in this regard. The university administration will send you an official notification outlining the reorganisation.

Your contact persons in the UDE administration will remain the same for the time being. Any changes will be communicated to you as soon as they are finalised.

Until the end of the year, your contact persons in the administration of the faculties will remain the same, e.g. regarding the organisation of examinations, flexitime, recording of leave, etc. However, starting from 01.10.2023, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torben Weis will assume the role of founding dean appointed by the Rectorate. If you require the dean's signature, please reach out to Prof. Weis after this date.

A new faculty administration will be set up by the beginning of 2024. You will be notified of any changes in contact persons resulting from this transition. You will find some advertisements in this regard in the job market.

For September, we are planning a Town Hall Meeting via Zoom. Prof. Weis will be happy to answer your questions about the new faculty. Additionally, a launch party for the new faculty is in the works, and Prof. Weis will extend invitations once the planning progresses.

Certainly, you are encouraged to reach out directly to the founding dean, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torben Weis, should you have any inquiries or encounter any issues at any time.