Welcome to the Collaborative Research Centre "Molecular Mechanisms on Cell State Transitions" (CRC 1430). The CRC 1430 brings together scientist of the Center of Medical Biotechnology at the University of Duisburg-Essen, the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology and the Universities of Dortmund, Münster, Cologne and Frankfurt.


The DFG-funded CRC 1430 "Molecular Mechanisms of Cell State Transitions" explores fundamental molecular mechanisms that underlie the regulation of cell proliferation. Cell proliferation needs to be tightly controlled to ensure organismal development and tissue regeneration, while preventing neoplastic disorders. A key hallmark of this control is the establishment of distinct, biochemically or epigenetically defined cell states and the regulated transitions between these states.

These transitions govern cell cycle progression and underlie cancer cell plasticity and cancer therapy resistance. The research focus is on understanding the switch-like molecular trigger mechanisms of state transitions and develop means to modulate them, ultimately to identify novel therapeutic strategies. Specifically, to overcome current limitations, the CRC 1430 will develop and apply direct methodologies such as advanced biochemical reconstitution and novel approaches of acute chemical or optical perturbation to decipher how the key triggers sense, integrate and transmit signals to regulatory circuits that define cell states.


September 1-3 in Haltern am See CRC 1430 Retreat 2022

Save-the-date for our CRC 1430 Retreat and PhD symposium 2022.

More information will follow soon.

Upcoming CRC 1430 Guest Lectures

We're happy to welcome

Alwin Köhler (Max Perutz Labs Vienna),
Petra Beli (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz),
Mariell Pettersson (AstraZeneca, Gothenburg), and
Florian Rambow (VIB-KU Leuven)

as our upcoming guest speakers over the next months.

Jun 12, 2022 A new strategy to treat persisting cancer cells in melanoma

Congratulations! A. Roesch and colleagues were able to find a new active substance to make persisting cancer cells vulnerable to drug treatment. The interdisciplinary effort involved members from four of our CRC 1430 projects. The work of postdoc H. Chauvisté was recently published in Nature Communications.

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Jun 3, 2022 A boost for cutting-edge research

Congratulations to our CRC 1430 member Christos Gatsiogiannis at the Münster University. Christos is part of a group of researcher that will receive 7.5 million euros in funding from the German Research Foundation and State of NRW to establish a high-end cryoEM center.

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