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Field of Research

Research Profile Resource Engineering

  • Thermodynamic Cycles and Energy Conversion
  • Energy storage, Carnot batteries (DFG SPP 2403)
  • (Engine) Polygeneration processes (DFG FOR 1993)
  • flame retardancy (in textiles)
  • Pollutant Formation in Combustion
  • Thermodynamic Reaction- and Phase Equilibria
  • In-Situ Diagnostics: Gas Phase

Research Profile Tailored Materials

  • Thin Film Formation with Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) and sol-gel Techniques
  • Thermographic phosphors for surface temperature measurement
  • Properties of Organo-metallic compounds (as CVD precursors)


  • Thermodynamics / Thermodynamics Lab (ISE)
  • Phase and Chemical Equilibrium
  • Spectroscopic Methods