Fields of Research

Fields of Research

Research Profile Resource Engineering

Thermodynamic Cycles and Energy Conversion

  • Organic Rankine Cycles
  • Modelling of Combined Reaction and Energy Conversion

Pollutant Formation in Combustion

  • Mechanistische studies (experimental)
  • in-situ diagnostics
  • Premixed low-pressure flames
  • Pollutants: aromatics, soot-precursors, nitric oxide
  • Additives in combustion: change of flame structure, pollutant reductaion

Thermodynamic Reaction- and Phase Equilibria

  • Measurement of low vapor pressures using Knudsen-cells and thermogravimetry mainly for metallorganic compounds (CVD-precursors)
  • Experimental investigation of flue gas equilibria
  • Vapor-liquid equilibria measurements.

In-Situ Diagnostics: Gas Phase

  • Temperature measurements with laser techniques
  • Concentration measurements of small molecules with lasers: laser induced fluorescence, Raman- scattering
  • Molecular beam sampling for larger molecules with mass spectrometric detection incl. laser ionization (REMPI)
  • FTIR- and UV-absorption spectroscopy.

Research Profile Tailored Materials

Thin Film Formation with Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Sol-gel Techniques

  • Thermographic Phosphors for surface temperature measurements
  • Hard coatings for wear resistance
  • Silicon Carbide formation for electronics applications
  • Transparent conducting oxides
  • Coating for porous materials for catalytic applications

Novel nano catalyst for cabin air filters

Analysis of Solid Samples

  • X-ray diffraction (powders and thin films)
  • Raman spectroskopy
  • Thermal analysis using coupled DTA/TGA (up to 1450°C).

Properties of Organo-metallic and organic compounds (as CVD precursors)

  • Stability
  • Sublimation pressures
  • Diffusion Coefficients
  • Activity Coefficients