Equipment for Science and Research

Several chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors for research and process optimisation:

  • Cold wall, hot wall and light heated.
  • A high temperature CVD reactor (T<2500°C) for high quality SiC depostion.

Bild CVD Lichtreaktor

Figure: Light heated CVD reactor, for temperatures of up to 1100K, with high heating rates.

Time of flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) with reflectron used for analyzing in situ the chemical composition of reactive mixtures:

Molecular beam (MB) sampling is performed with the TOF-MS for in-situ analysis of reactive mixtures at high Temperatures. Due to the molecular beam formation at low pressures, the chemical composition of the mixture is "frozen":

  • Ionisation with electron impact or laser ionisation (REMPI).
  • Mass resolution at 6000.
  • Mass range 1 - 10 000 u.

Connectable to a flat premixed low pressure flame (10 - 300 mbar) or to high temperature reactors (CVD or other).


Figure: Ionization regime and repeller of a molecular beam mass spectrometer.

Quadrupole mass spectrometer with heated inlet valve, Mass range 1 - 300 u.

Bild Restgasanalysator

Figure:Quadrupole mass spectrometer

Pulsed lasers for spectroscopic analysis (laser induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy) and 2D detectors/cameras, several spectrometers:

  • Dye laser (205 - 800 nm)
  • Excimer laser (193, 248, 308 nm)Nd:YAG laser (532, 355, 266, 1064 nm)
  • cw lasers Nd:YLF etc.

Image intensified CCD-Cameras (ICCD).


XRD for phase analysis of powders and thin films, also in gracing incidence geometry.

Bild Röntgendiffraktometer

Figure: X-ray diffraction

Thermal Analysis

  • Thermogravimetry/ Differential thermial analysis (TGA/ DTA) up to 1400 °C. All within a glove box to ensure a defined atmosphere, free of oxygen or moisture. This is important for sensitive compounds like organo-metalic compounds, used within CeNIDE.
  • Knudsen cell for vapour pressure measurements (0,1 - 1000 Pa, 40 - 290 °C.
  • Magnetic suspension balance for vapor pressure measurements

Bild Knudsenzelle Grafik Magnetschwebewaage

Figure:  Knudsen-Cell and Magnetic suspension balance

Raman spectroscopy of solids, excitation by solid state laser. Phosphorescence measurements of thin solid films, mainly thermographic phosphors, as a function of temperature.

Bild Ramanspektroskopie

Figure: Raman spectroscopy and phosphorescence measurements.

UV-VIS spectrometer and FT-IR spectrometer.


Equipment for vapor liquid equilibria (VLE) measurements


Reflected light microscope