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► Short CV

Hannes B. Mosler holds the chair for East Asian social sciences with a focus on Korean politics and society at the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he is affiliated with the Institute for East Asian Studies (IN-EAST) and the Institute for Political Science (IfP). He received his doctorate in political science from Seoul National University and was previously a lecturer, researcher and professor at the Institute for Korean Studies (IKS) and at the Graduate School for East Asian Studies (GEAS) at Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2016 he has been Treasurer of IPSA Research Council 42 - Security, Integration and Unification, Member of the AKSE Council (since 2017) and a member of the editorial team of Pacific Affairs (since 2019).

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► Recent Publications

Mosler, Hannes B. (2021): Book Review on Top-Down Democracy in South Korea. By Erik Mobrand. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2019. 201 pp. ISBN: 9780295745473 (paper), The Journal of Asian Studies, 80 (1), 204-205.

Mosler, Hannes B. (ed.) (2020): Themenschwerpunkt - Politics of Memory in Korea, ASIEN 154/155 (Special Issue).

Mosler, Hannes B. (2020): Contentious Memory Politics in South Korea: The Seoul National Cemetery. In: ASIEN 154/155 (Januar/April 2020), 66–92.

Mosler, Hannes B. (2020): Understanding the Politics of Constitutional Resilience in South Korea. In: Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 33 (2): 459–491.

Mosler, Hannes B. (2020): South Korea’s April Revolution through the Lens of West Germany. In: Korea Journal 60 (3): 118–150.

Mosler, Hannes B. (2020): The Contested Political Remembrance of the Kwangju Uprising and Presidential Speeches in South Korea. In: S/N Korean Humanities 6 (1): 47–92.

Mosler, Hannes B. (ed.) (2020): South Korea’s Democracy Challenge. Political System, Political Economy, and Political Society. Berlin: Peter Lang Academic Publishers.

► Research Interests
  • Political and social questions of modern Korea
  • Political parties, party law, and election studies
  • Political system and government administration
  • Comparative Constitutional Law, comparative constitutional adjudication
  • Translation of ideas, norms, and institutions
  • Political / civic education
  • Political remembrance

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