Benedikt Staar


PhD dissertation project (working title)

Securitization in North Korea: Understanding the construction, conception, and political power of security in an authoritarian state

► Short CV

Benedikt studied Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, where he obtained his B.A. and M.A. During his studies, he also spent two semesters studying in Seoul at Yonsei University and worked as an intern at the Korea Democracy Foundation, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Korean government. He also worked for several years at the East Asia Department of the Campus Library at Freie Universität. In his dissertation project, he investigates the role of security in modern North Korean foreign and domestic politics.

► Research Interests
  • Foreign and Security Policy on the Korean Peninsula & East Asia
  • Inter-Korean Relations
  • Critical Security Studies
► Recent Publication

Staar, Benedikt Christoph (2021): How to Treat Your Sworn Enemy. North Korea’s Securitisation of the United States. In: International Quarterly for Asian Studies 52(1-2), pp. 79–98. (

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