B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (B-ME)



Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (B-ME)

Programme Commencement

winter semester

Standard Duration

6 semesters (3 years)

Place of Studies

Campus Duisburg 


Accredited by ASIIN


The B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering provides a general engineering education in the design and build of equipment and machinery. Specialist and cross-system lectures are designed to equip students with system skills and interdisciplinary problem-solving skills. Thanks to its international perspective, the course prepares students for work in a globalised marketplace while at the same time making it easier to study for international students. Graduates will be especially suited for careers in:

  • International mechanical and facilities engineering;
  • Thermal, mechanical and chemical process engineering;
  • Automotive design and its supply chain;
  • Environmental protection technology;
  • Engineering companies and consultancies.

By taking account of the shifting requirements of the world of work, the course will equip students with the awareness, skills and techniques necessary for engaging in scientific work, for the critical assessment of technical knowledge and for working in a professional manner. Subject to aptitude and grades, graduates can go on to complete a Master’s degree, which in turn could lead to a doctorate.

Graduates will:

  • Master basic engineering and natural science knowledge and techniques and the thinking that lies behind them;
  • Master the basic specialist principles of construction technology;
  • Master the basic specialist principles of energy technology;
  • Master the basic specialist principles of manufacturing technology;
  • Master the basic specialist principles of fluid engineering and thermodynamics;
  • Be able to pursue their preference for a commercial or academic career via their choice of electives;
  • Have an enhanced general education with advanced language skills in German or English as well as increased employability from learning teamworking and communication skills;
  • Gain experience of their chosen profession and will be in a position of critically assess technical information and professional practice and their interdependencies.
  • Gain experience of applying scientific methods to deal independently with problems of mechanical engineering within a specific timeframe, and be able to present the issues clearly.


ECTS Credits

The B.Sc. programme has been completed when the following 180 ECTS credits have been acquired:

  • 134 ECTS credits in the technical compulsory course units
  • 5 ECTS credits in the technical elective module
  • 13 ECTS credits in the non-technical module
  • 13 ECTS credits for the internship
  • 12 ECTS credits for the bachelor thesis
  • 3 ECTS credits for the bachelor thesis colloquium

Study Plan

Study Plan Bachelor Mechanical Engineering


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