Master of Science in Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water (M-MTW3)

Programme Commencement

winter and summer semester

Standard Duration

4 semesters (2 years)

Place of Studies

Campus Duisburg 


Accredited by ASIIN


The Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water M.Sc. brings together two areas often regarded as separate: engineering science and process engineering on the one hand, and management on the other. Students will develop the skills to gain a detailed understanding of today's water industry systems, particularly in the area of management, engineering and process engineering, with the focus being on water collection, treatment and purification. In these areas, students will be taught joined-up thinking across business administration, water management and technical issues. They will be able to understand complex water management systems and apply such systems and technologies internationally with due regard to regional and national contexts.

Alongside in-depth lectures on advanced engineering, students will also attend special lectures covering process technology, water treatment and wastewater purification, management and administration, and water management.

Graduates can expect to find good career prospects in managerial roles, particularly in the areas of water supply and wastewater disposal, or with water companies or planning and engineering consultancies. Alternatively, they may choose to pursue a doctorate in either Germany or elsewhere. Graduates can especially expect to find themselves working at the interface between process engineering, water technology and water management. Examples include:

  • Project planning for water treatment and wastewater purification plants from a process engineering and business viewpoint (e.g. facilities construction);
  • Operation of water treatment and wastewater purification facilities from a process engineering and financial viewpoint (e.g. for water and wastewater processing companies);
  • Setting up, implementation and assessment of quality management systems (e.g. for drinking water supply systems).

Graduates can expect to find employment with large international companies, in managerial roles with water and wastewater treatment companies, in the SME sector or as an independent contractor.

Graduates will:

  • Develop an awareness of advanced theory and core mechanical engineering disciplines;
  • Develop advanced knowledge and skills in water treatment;
  • Develop advanced knowledge and skills in wastewater treatment;
  • Will be able to integrate process engineering with environmental and water management technology and will be able to pursue their preference for a commercial or academic career via their choice of electives;
  • Will have an enhanced general education with advanced language skills in German or English as well as increased employability from learning team-working and communication skills, with special emphasis on management;
  • Have demonstrated that they can apply scientific methods to deal independently with problems from the area of environmental and water management technology (or its use in conjunction with another area of engineering) within a specific timeframe, and be able to present the issues clearly.