Registration Thermodynamics Lab (ISE)

Registration Thermodynamics Lab (ISE) 2

You can only register with an e-mail adress of the University Duisburg-Essen!

Please find the papers for the Thermodynamics Lab on MOODLE. There you may also find the scripts for Lab Experiments.

If you have questions about the lab please contact:

Hr. Dr. U.Bergmann
Tel. +49 203 379-3354
Raum MB 467
E-Mail: oder

If you have problems during registration please contact:

I register myself for Thermodynamics Lab (ISE) 2 in Summer Semester 2021!

Please select one date for each experiment:
Experiment 1 (Humid Air),
Experiment 2 (Heating Value) and
Experiment 3 (Literature report).

The Experiments 1+3 are Individual Experiments. Experiment 2 is an Group Experiment

You will be grouped into groups of four. Before we make the grouping, it is possible for you to get together in groups of four by yourself. To do this, proceed as follows: Register individually on this page. Additionally, write an e-mail to with the details of the group members: name, first name, matriculation number. One e-mail per group is sufficient. Put all group members CC and use only your uni-due addresses. This e-mail must also be received by April 23rd.

Personal data:

First Name*
Surname/ Name*
E-mail address**
Matriculation Number*
*Required data **only E-mail address of University Duisburg-Essen accepted!!

Course of studies

B.Sc. ISE/ Mechanical Engineering
B.Sc. ISE/ Metalurgy and Metal Forming
B.Sc. ISE/ Automation and Control Engineeringg
B.Sc. ISE/ Civil Engineeringg