Papers 2013Papers of the Faculty of Mathematics

Nr. 757: YURKO, V. A.:
Recovering Variable Order Differential Operators on Spatial Networks from the Weyl-type matrices

Nr. 758: YURKO, V. A.:
Differential Pencils on Graphs with a Cycle

Nr. 759: BUTERIN, S. A., YURKO, V. A.:
On recovering differential pencils of the second order on a finite interval

Nr. 760: FREILING, G., YURKO, V. A.:
On non-selfadjoint differential pencils with Nonseparated boundary conditions

Nr. 761: BÎRSAN, M., NEFF, P.:
Existence of minimizers in the geometrically non-linear 6-parameter resultant shell theory with drilling rotations

Nr. 762: BÎRSAN, M., NEFF, P., LANKEIT, J.:
Sum of squared logarithms - An inequality relating positive definite matrices and their matrix logarithm

Nr. 763: NEFF, P., PAULY, D., WITSCH, K.-J.:
On an Extension of Korn‘s First Inequality to Incompatible Tensor Fields on Domains of Arbitrary Dimension

The unitary polar factor \(Q = U_{p}\) minimizes \(||Log(Q^{*}Z)||^{2}\) and \(||sym_{*} Log(Q^{*}Z)||^{2}\) in the spectral norm in any dimension and the Frobenius matrix norm in three dimensions

Nr. 765: NEFF, P., POMPE, W.:
Counterexamples in the theory of coerciveness for linear elliptic systems related to generalizations of Korn‘s second inequality

Nr. 766: HERKENRATH, U.:
Zufall - Eine Randerscheinung in unserer Welt oder allgegenwärtig? [Text]

Nr. 767: YURKO, V. A.:
Quasi-periodic Boundary Value Problems with Jump Conditions Inside the Intervall

Nr. 768: BUTERIN, S. A., FREILING, G.:
Inverse Spectral-Scattering Problem for the Sturm-Liouville Operator on a Noncompact Star-Type Graph

Conforming and Non-Conforming Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Exterior Domains: Theory and Numerical Tests

Nr. 770: BAUER, S., NEFF, P., PAULY, D., STARKE, G.:
Dev-Div- and DevSym-DevCurl-Inequalities for Incompatible Square Tensor Fields with Mixed Boundary Conditions

Nr. 771: PAULY, D.:
On the Maxwell Inequalities for Bounded and Convex Domains [Text]

Nr. 772: PAULY, D.:
On Maxwell's and Poincaré's Constants [Text]

Nr. 773: FRIED, M. N., JAHNKE, H. N.:
Otto Toeplitz's "The problem of university infinitesimal calculus courses and their demarcation from infinitesimal calculus in high schools" (1927), 2013

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