Computational Methods

Main Objective of the Course

The objective of the course Computational Methods is to endow students with knowledge and experience in the application of computer methods to the solution of mechanical engineering problems. Due to the enormous dissemination of computer technology in the design and construction process of machines and systems, the sum of computational methods in engineering has become an immensely broad area covering many interdisciplinary subjects, such as modeling, simulation, numerical methods, computer graphics, man-machine interfaces, etc. It is thus impossible to cover all aspects of computational engineering in one single course. Our approach is to expose students to a typical application of computer methods for the solution of one particular aspect of engineering, from which the students will gain enough experience such as to generalize these experiences to other fields, which they may encounter later in the professional career.

Registration information / Additional Hands-on Project

Students wishing to obtain a credit for the course Computational Methods may select one course from the list of courses displayed below in which computer methods are applied to mechanical engineering problems. The regular courses cover only 3 semester hours of classes, while the curriculum of the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering curriculum requires 4 semester hours to be completed for the Computational Methods course. In order to make this possible, course lecturers will be offering a hands-on project of approximate duration of one semester hour to be completed in parallel to, or at the end of the lecture, in which the theory derived in the course is applied to a practical example.

Students wishing to complete the Computational Methods credit from one of the courses must inform the lecturer for the selected course of their intention and the selection must be approved by the course organiser
(Prof. Kecskemethy – MB268). To this end the form "Registration for Computational Methods" has to be filled out and signed by the lecturer and the course organiser prior the beginning of the hands-on project.

In order to receive the full Computational Methods credits the completation of the hands-on project together with the mark of the course have to be submitted at the secretariat of the course organiser using the form "Registration for Computational Methods".

List of Selectable Courses

 (subject to changes from every term)