Development of cable robots for the construction of sand-lime brickwork at the building site



Development of cable robots for the construction of sand-lime brickwork at the building site

With increasing digitalization, the building industry is facing drastic changes. Drivers are Building Information Modelling (BIM), cloud based systems, Industry 4.0 and robotics.

Nevertheless, masonry construction has so far shown only a low degree of automation of construction site processes. So far, program-controlled mobile robots that can build masonry on floor slabs or floor slabs have only been used in a few pilot applications. However, these systems are limited to pure bricklaying and have to be transported between floors of a building and re-equipped at great expense. Therefore, they do not represent a holistic solution for the consistent automation of as many process steps as possible.    

Cable robots, on the other hand, represent an innovative and promising approach to automating large parts of the construction processes for masonry buildings. The aim of this project is to prove that cable robots are capable of erecting sand-lime brickwork quickly, safely and precisely under construction-related boundary conditions and to achieve higher production rates. The new technology leads to extensive work simplifications and an increase in quality. The emerging shortage of skilled workers in the building trade can be counteracted and the proper processing of building materials can also be ensured in the future. This is indispensable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular and ensures the future viability of these companies, especially against the background of globalized markets.   

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The findings from the research project flow into related collaborations. For example, the Chair of Mechatronics is cooperating with the didactics of civil engineering at the UDE (Dr Christian Karl) in the preparation of basic principles for the interdisciplinary discussion of the topic of Industry 4.0 in the construction industry, especially with a view to the vocational training of the construction industry of the future.