Open Positions

Offene Ph.D.-Position im Bereich scale-up der lösungsmittelbasierten Laserablation (deutsch) /
Open Ph.D. position in the area of ​​scale-up of solvent-based laser ablation (english)

Theses and Internships

Our group is an interdisciplinary working group of engineers and chemists who focus on generation of nanomaterials by laser ablation in liquids. By this manner nanoparticles of high purity and almost any materials are accessible. Such nanoparticles are of high interest in versatile applications like medicine, material science or power, environmental and electrical engineering. With an excellent equipment of laser sources and analytical devices, we perform different projects within the areas of laser-generated nanomaterials for catalysis and energy research.

In this context, we always offer Master-/Bachelor-Theses, internships or student research projects which can be adapted to your requirements.

If you are interested just get in touch with us by email or phone.