Lectures of Reichenberger-Group

Lecture "Nanopartikel & Kolloide" (optional)

Nanopartikels differ significantly in their physical and chemical properties from macroscopical materials which allows many interesting applications e.g. in medicine, environmental engineering or energy technologies. In the lecture "Nanopartikel und Kolloide" you will learn the basic and advanced techniques of colloidal chemistry and study the properties of nanoparticles. With the help of exemplary cases you will get to know about nanotechnology and the functional properties of nanostructures.

Offered every WS (in Essen) WS 2019/20: expected Thursdays, 10 - 12 o'clock (ct)


Exam dates practical course for LAKs:
For registration and script write Sven Reichenberger
Please bring a labcoat and laboratory googles.

Deadline for the report: 
Secretariat TC I, S07 S01 C26

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