Bisherige Masterarbeiten

SS 2023
  • Nurturing Autonomy and Well-being - Influencing Factors in an Intervertion for Consumptition Reduction through the Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity
  • The role of attentional breadth in online grocery stores: an investigation of exploration behavior and the impact on product purchases
  • Perceiving differences in textual vs visual comparison shopping websites: Exploring user traits of self-control and need for cognition
  • The impact of Kindchenschema-cute packaging designs on visual attention and explicit decision making for sweet an salty snacks: a congruence analysis
WS 2022 / 23
  • Browsing: A self-made shopping phenomenon?
    The effects of emotion, motivation and self-control on impulsive and compulsive shopping behavior
  • The Influence of Information Overload and the Proneness to Impulsive Buying on the Perception in Online Shopping Situations
  • The relationship between browsing, shopping behaviour, pathologival buying and impulsive buying
  • See How Sweet That Tastes? The Effect of Kindchenschema on Consumers' (Sensory) Expectations and Perceptions in the Context of Food Marketing
  • The influence of online shopping orientations on the perception of recommendation lists
  • Application of implementation intention and shopping lists in online shop situations: Can self-control strategies influence buying behaviour?
  • Determining effective approaches to promote slow fashion consumption: the influence of self-efficacy and message framing.
  • Can information campaigns increase our
    motivation to conserve energy? The effect of social value orientation and framing
SS 2022
  • The attitude toward children's food and the influence of the use situation on the purchase decision
  • The influence of different self-discrepancies and the resulting emotions on
    pro-environmental behavior intention
  • The influence of situational context in combination with sustainability and scarcity appeals on purchase intention.
  • Effect of Website Attractiveness on Attitudes Toward Online Shops Depending on Attentional Breadth
  • An empirical investigation of the effect of different types of emotions induced by the social media context on the evaluation of advertisements
  • The Vicious Circle of Overconsumption: Do Promotions and Emotions Trigger Impulse Purchases and Serve as a Rationalization at the Same Time?
  • Warum mache ich das überhaupt? - Interventionsansatz der Achievement Goal Orientation im Arbeitskontext

WS 2021 / 22

  • To Buy or Not to Buy –Natural Language vs. Mixed-Modality Interaction in Conversational Recommender Systems with regard to Shopping Orientation
  • The attitude toward children's food and the influence of the use situation on the purchase decision
  • Effect of Website Attractiveness on Attitudes Toward Online Shops Depending on Attentional Breadth
  • An attention training for sustainable purchasing behaviour
  • Second hand offers - influencing factors under consideration of an online and offline environment
SS 2021
  • Distraction and Devaluation - Decisive Factors in the Purchasing Process?
  • Shopping Orientation and Assortment: How goals influence the choice of a store based on the product range.
  • The Influence of Shopping Motivation on Intended Usage of IoT Technology
WS 2020 / 21
  • Uncovering Advertising Expenditures of New and Established Brands: An Investigation of the Impact of the Amount of Advertising Expenditures of Brands on Brand Equity and Brand Associations
  • Crowding and Perceived Control - The influence of crowds and choice possibilities on the perception of a promotional campaign
SS 2020
  • The Effect of Message Framing on Consumption Reduction: an Inverstigation of the Role of Social Status
  • Influence of Shopping Orientations on the Attractiveness of Diverse Recommendation Lists
WS 2019 / 20
  • Sales Promotions and Product Types - Effects of Product Categories on Promotion Impact Regarding Brand Associations, Brand Loyalty, and Positive Word of Mouth
  • Impulsive Buying as a mood enhancer?
    Analyzing the influence of a negative mood on consumers' Urge to purchase
  • Can Shopping Lists Help Reduce Negative Effects of Buying from Big Product Assortments?
SS 2019
  • Customar Shopping Motivation and Goal Pursuit - The influence of shopping motivation on exploration behavior in online shopping envirenments concerning target achievement strategies
  • The effect of affect on the effect of perceived marketing expenditures on perceived wastefulness and purchase intentions
  • Online Marketing on Instagram: Analysing Lay Theories
  • Neugier & Nachhaltigkeit - Der Einfluss von Neugier und sozialen Normen auf die Kaufbereitschaft nachhaltiger Produkte
  • Spillover-Effekte von Produktkontext auf Produktbewertung: Der Einfluss von Einkaufsorientierung und visueller Aufmerksamkeit.
WS 2018 / 19
  • Analyzing the Effects of Set Size and Product Relevance on the Relation between Shopping Orientation and Visual Attention
  • The influence of stress and music on visual encoding and decoding
  • The unexpected consequences of curiosity: A Survey of the impact of curiosity on shopping Behavior taking into account of Self-Regulation, Variet
  • The influence of congruence between corporate brand and employer brand on employer attractiveness
SS 2018
  • How the Interplay of Social Exclusion and Brands' Communication Style Affects Consumer Responses
  • Buy now or cry later – A laboratory study on triggering impulsive purchasing desire
  • Distraction preprogrammed? An Eye-Tracking Study of Distraction by Social Media in the Context of Multitasking
  • The Role of Attention and Mindsets in the Perception of a Landing Page - An Eye -Tracking Study using the Example of a Streaming Site TV NOW
  • Nachhaltige Mobilitätslösungen als Costly Signal und Identitätssymbol
WS 2017 / 18
  • Eine Online-Studie zum Einfluss von Musik auf das Markenvertrauen und die daraus resultierenden Einwirkungen auf die Kaufintention und Mundpropaganda
SS 2017
  • Nutzung, Wahrnehmung und Auswirkung interner Marketingmaßnahmen am Beispiel eines Online Versandhändlers
  • Nicht ohne meine Einkaufsliste! Auswertung einer Online-Studie zur Verwendung von Einkaufslisten unter Berücksichtigung ausgewählter Persönlichkeitsmerkmale
  • Visual attention, buying impulsiveness and the influence of the store environment on product evaluation
  • Soziale Vergleichsprozesse am POS

WS 2016 / 17

  • Influence of sponsorship and message sidedness on the credibility of You Tuber
  • Consumer Engagement in Online Brand Communities - A study to determine influencing factors