Research Projects

Research Projects

The projects conducted within the Department investigate the conditions of learning and instruction with the aim of enhancing classroom teaching, vocational and professional training, and other kinds of training programmes.

Research focuses on the general psychological principles of self-regulated learning, learning with multimedia and problem solving, and on the psychology of individual differences in these domains.

The Department also conducts applied research relating to the development and evaluation of training programmes in a broad range of fields of application (e.g., training in the use of learning strategies in science classrooms and in vocational and professional training, evaluations in the field of driving instruction, and development of stress prevention training programmes for public transport drivers).

Various research approaches are taken, ranging from participation in large-scale assessments such as PISA, to field studies in schools and other educational settings, to experiments in the research laboratory.

Empirical Education Research

The Study of Broad Pedagogical Knowledge and the Acquisition of Professional Competence in Teacher Candidates is one target of BilWiss