Faculty Members

The Department unites expertise from the fields of cognitive psychology and empirical educational science.

The faculty team consists of qualified psychologists, educationalists and teachers at different academic levels, some of whom are qualified in both disciplines.

Overview of Faculty Members

Name Room Nr. Telefon E-Mail
Prof. Detlev Leutner S06 S03 A18 0201 183-2154 detlev.leutner@uni-due.de
Julia Bönte S06 S03 A14 0201 183-6456 julia.boente@uni-due.de
Sabrina Hilz (Sekretariat) S06 S03 A19 0201 183-2181 sek.psycho@uni-due.de
Vivien Krieger S06 S03 A21 0201 183-3071 vivien.krieger@uni-due.de
Dr. Olena Kryshko S06 S03 A09 0201 183-3819 olena.kryshko@uni-due.de
PD Dr. Heinz Neber     heinz.neber@uni-due.de
Nils Nolte SE 312
S06 S03 A07
0201-183-4401 nils.nolte@uni-due.de
Dr. Rijana van Bebber S06 S03 A10 0201 183-6472 rijana.vanbebber@uni-due.de
Xenia Lea Weber GA 2 /135 (Bochum) 0234 32–22166 xenia-lea.weber@rub.de