CENIDE Peer Mentoring

What is the CENIDE Peer Mentoring?

The CENIDE Peer Mentoring is a program for CENIDE researchers at an early career stage (PhD students and postdocs). Its goal is to develop the own personality and train important soft skills. In a one-year period a self-defined goal should be reached with the help of a peer group, which consists of other motivated early career researchers and experienced CENIDE mentors. This program offers the opportunity to learn a lot of things about yourself and to train personal skills, especially in (science) communication, negotiation and team-leading. Peer group meetings will follow the principle of a cooperative advice, which means that participants will be in both roles: a mentee who asks for advice but also a mentor, who gives advice. With mandatory appointments like workshops and seminars and a two-day retreat (including an overnight stay) a personal network is formed. In the end all participants will get a certificate for successful participation.

What can you expect?

  • Personal development
  • Identification and support of own abilities, like:
    • Negotiation
    • Team-leading
    • How to express and achieve own goals
    • Science Communication
  • Cooperative advice in peer groups
  • Create a scientific network withing CENIDE

What events await you?

  • Kickoff-Meeting
  • Training Day with workshops and seminars
  • Retreat including workshops, seminars and a meeting for mentors only
  • Winter Party
  • Final Ceremony
  • Peer group Meetings (approximately every 6-8 weeks, self-organized by peer group and mentors)

What could be potential goals?

  • finish your recent research project or PhD thesis within one year
  • build your own scientific network
  • learn new things about project organisation and how to deal with stress
  • boost your confidence in presentations
  • and many more! It is up to you!

These mentors are already on board

  • Dr. Andrea Eschenlohr
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Ferenz
  • Prof. Dr. Anzhela Galstyan
  • Dr. Stefan Kleszczynski
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Muckel
  • Dr. Fatih Özcan
  • Dr. Sven Reichenberger
  • Dr. Martin Schroer
  • Dr. Miriana Vadalà

Information for applicants

  • Filled out application form (personal data, academic background)
  • Personal data sheet (CV should include scientific education, honorary activities, and potential stay abroads)
  • Participation of the full one-year period is mandatory
  • Duration of current program: March 2023 until Feburary 2024
  • Duration of upcoming program: March 2024 until Feburary 2025
  • Applications for the upcoming round are now accepted! For more information please write a short e.mail to Miriam Böhm

If you have any kind of questions or second thoughts about your participation, please don't hesitate to contact Miriam Böhm

Impressions 2023

CENIDE Peer Mentoring - Kick-Off

On March 20th 2023 we officially kicked off the CENIDE Peer Mentoring Program. After some initial words from the scientific director Heiko Wende and Miriam Böhm, coordinator of the program, the mentors presented themselves to all participants. After we also get to know the mentees the peer groups were finally getting together and had time for exchange. We are happy to have so many nice and excited participants and we are looking forward to the upcoming events like a workshop for the mentees or the retreat in autumn.

CENIDE Retreat

On September 11 and 12, the CENIDE Peer Mentoring Retreat took place at the Wasserburg Rindern in Kleve with our mentees and mentors. The retreat was all about communication: the participants presented their current research project in "3 Minute Thesis" presentations, found a treasure together in a team rally with small puzzles and tasks and to finish the retreat there was input from Dr. Sven Reichenberger on what successful team leading can look like. Additionally, the mentees collected initial ideas for the upcoming winter party. Overall it was a very enjoyable and eventful 1.5 days all!