Spending a semester at the faculty of Computer ScienceInformation for Incoming Students

We welcome all students who spend an erasmus programme or thelike at our faculty.

Important: In order to organise your stay at our faculty, all students must choose one of our four departments.

Choose the topic that best suits your interests or decide on the basis of the campus where the respective department is mainly located. Please get in touch with the relevant contact person for further information and support.

Regardless of the department you choose, you can attend all courses offered by the faculty.

Campus Duisburg


Core Informatics

Ms Prof Dr Barbara König

e-mail: barbara_koenig@uni-due.de


Human-centered Computing and Cognitive Science (HCCS)

Ms Prof Dr Nicole Krämer

e-mail: nicole.kraemer@uni-due.de

Campus Essen


Software Engineering

Ms Sheila Clément

e-ail: sheila.clement@uni-due.de


Business Informatics

Ms Anna Khodijah, M.Sc.

e-mail: anna.khodijah@uni-due.de