Chemical Ligands and Methods A1: Protein-recognition by supramolecular ligands from focused combinatorial libraries

Project A1 was headed by Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmuck until 2019.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jens Voskuhl

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schrader

Project A1 generates and examines relatively small focussed combinatorial libraries of linear, multiarmed and branched peptidic dendrimers in two alternative approaches. With the “split-and-mix” method screening and determination of protein affinities as well as inhibitory properties will be performed “on-bead” using solid-phase bound libraries. Hit candidates will be synthesized in larger amounts for subsequent mechanistic studies as well as structural elucidation. In dynamic combinatorial libraries two or more building blocks are covalently connected by reversible transformations such as imine or hydrazone formation. Suitable screening and deconvolution strategies will allow to identify potent protein ligands.


Scientific Co-Workers

Marius Heimann

Alexander Zimmermann

Daniel Sebena

Dennis Aschmann

Matthias Killa

Scientific Coworkers