Chemical Ligands and Methods A9: Raman spectroscopic monitoring of protein recognition by supramolecular ligands

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlücker

Project A9 develops nanodiagnostic assays for target proteins which are present as dimers or oligomers and exhibit multiple allosteric binding sites for partner proteins/peptides. Peptide-functionalized, Raman reporter-labeled metal nanoparticles (PNPs) selectively bind to these sites and induce PNP aggregation, monitored by surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). Addition of supramolecular ligands leads to quantifyable changes. Label-free and site-specific detection of protein recognition by supramolecular ligands in solution will be achieved by ultraviolet resonance Raman (UVRR) difference spectroscopy in combination with site-directed mutagenesis.