CRC1093 International Symposium

4th International Symposium

Supramolecular Chemistry meets Biology

01. - 02. September 2021

Design of Next-Generation Supramolecular Ligands
Detection of (Supra)Molecular Interactions
Structure and Dynamics of Protein-Protein Interactions
(Nano)BioPhotonics – Molecular Bioimaging and Nano-Biosensors
Ligand Induced Modulation of Protein Function


Guido CLEVER (Dortmund, GER)

Jeroen CORNELISSEN (Twente, NED)

Simon EBBINGHAUS (Braunschweig, GER)

Franziska GRÖHN (Erlangen-Nürnberg, GER)

Thomas HUSER (Bielefeld, GER)

Raz JELINEK (Be`er Scheva, ISR)

Pascal JONKHEIJM (Twente, NED)

Alexander KROS (Leiden, NED)

Frauke MELCHIOR (Heidelberg, GER)

Hidde PLOEGH (Boston, USA)

Vahid SANDOGHDAR (Erlangen, GER)

Markus SAUER (Würzburg, GER)

Reinhard STERNER (Regensburg, GER)


and selected CRC1093 Speakers

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Young Researcher Prize and Poster Awards For young Scientists

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Furthermore young academics can submit an abstract for a poster presentation. Two posters will be awarded with a poster prize. You can send your poster abstract until 23rd of August 2021, please use the abstract template on the right. For the online-poster session we recommend to prepare 10 slides with Powerpoint. You can use our template on the right as well.


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Poster abstract submission

Young academics (master and PhD students, Postdocs) can submit an abstract for a poster.

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