Not just talk, but actionQuestions, that drive us forward

How can we shape a just education? How can we support any committed talent on the path to successful completion, regardless of gender, ethnic or social origin? For example, how can we better promote women in science?

These questions drive us forward. That is why we not only talk about equal opportunities, but also set an example. We were the first university in Germany to establish a Prorectorate for Diversity Management.

In particular, we support students from migrant backgrounds, from parents who have little or no education, and from abroad with tailor-made programs, thus enabling them to advance their education. You can see for yourself on a tour of our two campuses. There you will meet ambitious talents from all over the world - people from all over the Ruhr area with different educational backgrounds. A diversity that enriches us.

For this reason, we are pioneers and sought-after experts when it comes to the further development of our society. We have already established our own university for the future - and made it fairer, more diverse and more flexible. Also in the form of practice-oriented further education courses, flexible childcare and the possibility for caring, educating or working young people to study part-time.

We never lose sight of our goal: to provide each individual with the best individual educational offer and to spur everyone on to top performance. And our official certifications confirm that this already works quite well for us.

Focus on educational justice: