We offer the following courses in winter term 2021/22:

Announcement for new Study ProgrammeCyber Physical Systems

Winter term 2021/22 will see a new (German) Master programme: Cyber Physical Systems (M-CPS). It will integrate students from engineering and computer science into a joint programme that focusses on the development of computer systems that act in the real world. 

Lecture with Exercise for Bachelor AIEmbedded Systems (Eingebettete Systeme)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiele (lecture)
Christopher Ringhofer (exercise)
Language: German
Turnus: Winter semester
Time: Thu 10:00 - 12:00 (lecture)
Tue 12:00 - 14:00 (exercise)
Place: LC 137 (lecture & exercise)
Begin: 14.10.2021 (lecture)
19.10.2021 (exercise)

Goal of this course is the understanding of the characteristics of embedded systems, the ability to program embedded systems by using the language C.

Embedded Systems are tiny computer systems, that have a specific application area. They can be part of a more complex system (cars, household appliance) or autonomous (mobile phones, measuring equipment). The lecture will discuss the characteristics of embedded systems. The focus will be on the problems, a software developer can encounter when programming for embedded systems. The content of the lecture will be: The basic architecture of embedded systems - memory types - Input/Output (bus systems) - interupts - timer - analog/digital and digital/analog converts - device drivers

Project for BAI, MAI, M-CPS and Master ISE Computer EngineeringDeveloping and Deploying a Sensor Network for Smart Buildings

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiele
Language: German/English
Turnus: Winter semester
Time: Tue 14:00 - 16:00
Place: BC 303
Begin: 19.10.2021

Based on the department's elastic AI ecosystem students are developing and deploying a sensor network for a smart building. The sensors shall collect real world data. That data can be either stored in a streaming database or processed in various ways. This explicitly includes machine learning algorithms running in the Cloud, Edge or Embedded devices. The solution will be evaluated using monitoring solutions. Hard- and software solutions will be partially reused from previous projects and partially developed by the current project. Throughout the project students will work in an agile manner to iteratively develop their solutions.


You should bring one of the following:
Experience with
  • embedded C programming (e.g. from the embedded systems lecture)
  • Java
The following can be advantageous but is optional:
Experience with
  • the Gradle build tool
  • Apache Jena and Linked Data
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Soldering and Hardware Assembly
  • Databases
  • the Spring Boot Framework


The kickoff meeting for this project will be on the 19. Oct. 2021 at 14:00-16:00 in Room BC 303. Attendance in the kickoff meeting is mandatory for participation in this project.

This project is limited to Bachelor/Master Angewandte Informatik, Master Cyber Physical Systems and Master ISE Computer Engineering.

Lecture with exercise for Master AI & CPSSoftware Craftmanship

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiele (lecture)
Lukas Einhaus (exercise)
Language: German
Turnus: Winter semester
Zeit: Mon 14:00 - 16:00 (lecture)
Mon 16:00 - 18:00 (exercise)
Place: BC 303 (lecture & exercise)
Begin: 11.10.2021
In this course we will explore what it means to be a professional software developer, more specifically processes, tools and techniques for developing high quality code on time. Topics include: ethics of softeware development, testing, dependency management, versioning and branching with GIT, agile development, clean code, clean architecture, XP, refactoring, working in a team. 
We assume that you have previous knowledge about programming software in a procedural or object oriented language. We will use Java for all examples and exercises. Furthermore, you should know how to use a command line interface, e.g. a Linux shell.  

Lab / PraktikumCyber Physical Systems

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gregor Schiele
Language: German
Turnus: Summer semester
Time: Friday, TBA
Place: TBA
Begin: 15.10.2021

This lab is offered exclusively for students in the new Master-level study programme Cyber Physical Systems in cooperation with the groups of Prof. Weis and Prof. Pauli.