IoT Garage Courses

Here you can find the current courses offered by students for students in the context of the IoT Garage. Additional courses such as "Soldering for beginners", "SMD soldering", "Machine to machine communications" or "machine learning" can be offered if requested.

Be aware as these are all courses offered by students themselves, you will not receive any credits for participating in these.

Any general questions can be asked in the corresponding moodle course of the IoT-Garage.

The TDD Dojo

Contact: lukas.einhaus[at]

You want to enhance your code quality or find out what's behind Test Driven Development? Come to the TDD Dojo. In this course you can try Test Driven Development under guidance. The only requirement is familiarity with Python or Java (using C/C++/Ruby/Clojure might be possible as well). The two hour course will be held in a weekly rhythm within the scope of the IoT garage with 8 events in total. You won't receive any credits and can show up without prior registration. A kick off meeting is scheduled for 23.4.2019 4pm-6pm in BC 013.

The Rusty Crab

Contact: peter.zdankin[at]

In the scope of the Embedded System department's IoT garage there will be a weekly Rust course from 24.4. to 10.7 in the style of a lecture. The start makes a short introductory lecture followed by live coding. There will be small exercises for homework made up from reading or programming to round up the course. To clarify Rust's type system and safety parallels and differences to C will be shown. You won't receive any credits and can show up without prior registration. We hope you will enjoy it. If you are interested: Starting from 24.4. every Wednesday 4pm-6pm in BC 013