Short CV

Armin started his PhD as external PhD student on 2015. Previously he has done his master studies in Communications engineering at RWTH Aachen. After finishing his master studies he worked for 2 years in a startup company as the CTO.


My research is mainly focused on hardware security for internet of Thing devices. Currently one of the main challenges in IoT, is security. Meanwhile a secure solution is required, power consumption, and computational power should be considered as well. I propose a secure, low-powered and lightweight solution based on PUF on FPGAs to secure authentication process in IoT devices.


  1. Spatial Reconfigurable Physical Unclonable Functions for the Internet of Things”,
    Armin Babaei, Gregor Schiele.  In: International Conference on Security, Privacy and Anonymity in Computation, Communication and Storage 2017 (SpaCCS 2017), Guangzhou, China, December 2017