Here you can find a list of former researchers and employees of the Intelligent Embedded Systems department.

Alwyn Burger Dr.-Ing. Elastic Node and FPGA-based IoT
Stephan Schmeisser M. Sc. Collaborative measuring systems for the IoT
Christopher Cichiwskyj M. Sc. Elastic Node Middleware


External PhD students

Here you can find a list of former external PhD students of the Intelligent Embedded Systems department.

Sam Erbati Dr.-Ing. Cloudification and Virtualization of Customer Premises Equipment
Carolin Wuerich Dr.-Ing. Fall prevention and fall risk analysis in geriatrics


Student workers

Here you can find a list of former student assitants and student researchers of the Intelligent Embedded Systems department.

Maximilian Fischer Student Researcher IoT-Garage & elastic-AI.runtime
Natalie Maman Student Researcher IoT-Garage & elastic-AI.runtime
Markus Gruhlke Student Assistant Development on the Elastic IoT Platform
Nils Kruse Student Assistant Teaching
Aixi Guo Student Researcher Hardware Design and Assembly
Antonia Hahn Student Researcher VR Development
Lukas Belak Student Assistant VR and AR Development
Camilla Patrizia Hrycak Student Assistant Research Support Spa:AI:ke
Alexander Hochhalter Student Assistant Elastic AI Runtime & Deployment
Rodrigo Wilhelm Issa Student Researcher Embedded AI Toolchain
Annika Österdiekhoff Student Researcher Elastic Node Middleware & IoT Garage
Mahya Latifian Student Assistant Elastic Node Hardware Development
Peter Zdankin Student Assistant IoT Garage & Embedded Software Development
Kenan Kajkus Student Assistant Teaching
Emre-Örmer Koc Student Assistant Teaching
Constanze Becker Student Assistant Teaching
Michel Berten Student Assistant Teaching
Tristan Cordes Student Assistant Teaching
Thomas Dluhosch Student Assistant Teaching
Ahmad Rifaee Student Assistant Teaching
Kerstin Uhde Student Assistant Teaching
Siegfried Unger Student Assistant Teaching
Fabian Urrigshardt Student Assistant Teaching
Roman Wagner Student Assistant Teaching
Raffael Wojtas Student Researcher IoT Abstractions
Sascha Hevelke Student Researcher Embedded Software Development