Short CV

Mohammad Erbati, M.Sc. is an external PhD candidate since November 2018. He received hismaster’s degree in “Embedded Systems Engineering” with a focus on Internet of Things at theUniversity of Duisburg-Essen. After finishing his master studies, he is working as a product developerat Deutsche Telekom Technic GmbH since December 2017.


My research is mainly focused on cloudification and virtualization of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). In order to embrace the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and edge computing have been enabled in branch offices and home to provide network functions on top of generic physical CPE. There are several challenges inherent to NFV, among which is the need for an orchestration, management framework and Quality of Service (QoS). The goal of this project is to propose solutions to overcome abovementioned challenges.


  1. "Analysis of LoRaWAN technology in an outdoor and an indoor scenario in Duisburg
    Germany", Mohammad Mohammadi Erbati, Gregor Schiele and Gerd Batke. In: 3rd International
    Conference on Computer and Communication Systems (ICCCS2018), Nagoya, Japan, April