Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus all teaching courses will be held digitally. If you want to participate in a specific course, please follow the corresponding instructions of the course.

All exams that we usually offer will be offered in this semester as well.

Exam Inspection

Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus we cannot offer exam inspections as we usually do. Following the excerpt from the faculty meeting protocol from the 15.05.2020 it was discussed that the framework examination regulations state:

"The exam inspection can generally be postponed, until the necessary in-person attendence can be realised again. There is no entitlement to have an exam inspection timely to the exam."
Original german wording: "Grundsätzlich können diese Einsichtsnahmen verschoben werden, bis die erforderliche Präsenz wieder hergestellt werden kann. Es gibt keinen Anspruch auf eine bestimmte zeitliche Nähe der Einsichtnahme zur Klausur."

To minimise the danger of infections of Covid-19 for all involved parties we will postpone the exam inspections for all exams indefintely, until we can guarantee a safe execution of an exam inspection. Additionally it was noted in that meeting:

"Current exam inspections will be limited to critical cases, so for example when having failed the exam [...]"
 Original german wording: "Aktuell Einsichtnahmen sollten sich auf kritische Fälle beschränken, so etwa bei gescheiterten Prüfungen [...]"

Should you have failed an exam, you can contact our secretary via E-Mail. Do not contact the Professor directly. Each request will be checked individually and discussed with the student. All other students having passed their exams will not be granted a timely exam inspection.


If you are interested to write a thesis at this department you can find more information here.

Previous Semesters

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