DeltaVision Elite high resolution microscope

Widefield Systems DeltaVision Elite high resolution microscope

Room: S05 R01 H24

Main Applications

  • widefield deconvolution fluorescence microscope
  • transmitted light applications (brightfield, DIC)
  • multi-dimensional live cell + fixed specimen imaging
  • multi-position acquisition
  • Low light imaging of sensitive samples


DeltaVision Elite widefield deconvolution microscope was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project-ID 361068552.


Technical Specifications

Microscope and Accessories

  • Inverted Olympus IX-71 microscope stand
  • UltimateFocus Modul (hardware autofocus system)
  • Automated high precision Flexure stage (long travel, 25x50 mm), “3D multisite visiting”
  • Environmental chamber with temperature & CO2 control for live cell imaging


  • pco.edge 5.5 sCMOS camera, 2560 x 2160 pixels, 6.5 x 6.5 µm pixel size, 16.6 x 14 mm sensor format, 16-bit digitization, 200 fps at 1024 x 1024

Light sources

  • DV Light SSI 7 color ultra-fast solid state illumination

    excitation filters

Fluorochrome excitation bandpass [nm]
DAPI 390/18
CFP 438/24
GFP/TRITC 475/28
YFP 513/17
TRITC 542/27
mCherry/Alexa594 575/25
Cy5 632/22
  • LED transmitted light module

Emission filters & Polychroic beamsplitters

Single band emission filters

Fluorochrome emission bandpass [nm]
DAPI 435/48 (use with Polychroic #1 or #2)
CFP 475/24 (use with Polychroic #3)
GFP/TRITC 525/48 (use with Polychroic #1 or #2)
YFP 548/22 (use with Polychroic #3)
TRITC 597/45 (use with Polychroic # 1)
mCherry/Alexa594 625/45 (use with Polychroic #2 or #3)
Cy5 679/37 (use with Polychroic #1 or #2)

Polychroic beamsplitters

Position Fluorochromes
Polychroic #1       DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5
Polychroic #2 DAPI/FITC/mCherry/Alexa594/Cy5
Polychroic #3 CFP/YFP/mCherry




NA immersion
Super-Plan Apo 20x/0.75 DIC 20x 0.75 dry
Plan Apo 60x/1.42 oil DIC 60x 1.42 oil
Super-Plan Apo 100x/1.4 oil DIC 100x 1.4 oil



SoftWoRx 6 and Resolve 3D (integrated in SoftWoRx) with software modules for Deconvolution (image restoration), Cell tracking, Point visiting, Optic axial integration (OAI) and 3D visualization