ICCE Equipment - Nikon Ti-E inverse

Widefield Systems Nikon Ti-E inverse

Room: T03 R01 D63

Main Applications

  • widefield system for epi-fluorescence and transmitted light applications (brightfield, phase contrast, DIC)
  • multi-dimensional live cell + fixed specimen imaging
  • multi-position acquisition

Technical Specifications

Microscope and Accessories

  • inverted Nikon Ti-E
  • Perfect Focus System PFS
  • motorized xy-stage
  • external fluorescence lamp, mercury burner (100 W)
  • Halogen lamp for transmitted light
  • okolab microscope cage incubator box with control device (temperature & CO2 control for live-cell imaging)


Roper Scientific CoolSNAP HQ2 interline-transfer CCD camera, 1392 x 1040 imaging array, 6.45 x 6.45-µm pixels, 14-bit digitization




NA immersion
CFI Plan Fluor 10x/0.13 4x 0.13 dry
CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD 20x/0.45 DIC 20x 0.45 dry
CFI Plan Apo VC 60x/1.4 DIC 60x 1.4 oil

Fluorescence filter sets

  • EGFP/mCherry Dualband sbxm ET Filterset (AHF F89-002)
    • F49-470: 470/40 ET Bandpass
    • F49-572: 572/35 ET Bandpass
    • F58-019: ET Dualband Beamsplitter GFP/mCherry
    • F47-525: 525/50 ET Bandpass
    • F47-632: 632/60 ET Bandpass
  • BFP/GFP/HcRed Tripleband sbx HC Filterset (AHF F66-422)
    • F39-370: 370/36 Brightline HC
    • F39-474: 474/23 Brightline HC
    • F39-586: 585/29 Brightline HC
    • F73-395: HC Triple-Beamsplitter 395/495/610
    • F72-622: HC Tripleband Filter 425/527/685
  • CFP/YFP Dualband sbxm ET Filterset (AHF F89-002)
    • F49-430: 430/24 ET Bandpass
    • F49-500: 500/20 ET Bandpass
    • F58-017: ET Dualband Beamsplitter CFP/YFP
    • F49-469: 470/24 ET Bandpass
    • F47-535: 535/30 ET Bandpass

Filter wheel changer

Lambda 10-2 RS232 (Sutter Instruments)



Nikon NIS Elements AR