EVOS™ M7000

Widefield Systems EVOS M7000 Imaging System

Room: T03 R01 D63

Main Applications

  • fully automated multi-channel fluorescence imaging
  • transmitted light applications (brightfield, phase contrast) and color brightfield
  • multi-dimensional live cell + fixed specimen imaging
  • multi-position acquisition, area scan with monatge or tile-stitching, Z-Stacking
  • 2D/3D deconvolution


Technical Specifications

Microscope and Accessories

  • Inverted microscope stand
  • software based autofocus (fluorescence or transmitted light)
  • On-Stage Incubator environmental chamber with temperature & CO2 control for live cell imaging


  • High-sensitivity 3.2 MP monochrome CMOS camera (2048 x 1536 pixels) with 3.45 μm pixel resolution
  • High-sensitivity 3.2 MP color CMOS camera (2048 x 1536 pixels) with 3.45 μm pixel resolution

Light sources

     adjustable-intensity LED light cubes:



DAPI 357/44 nm 447/60 nm
CFP (upon request) 445/45 nm 510/42 nm
GFP 482/25 nm 524/24 nm
YFP (upon request) 500/24 nm 542/27 nm
RFP 531/40 nm 593/40 nm
TexasRed 585/29 nm 628/32 nm
Cy5 628/40 nm 692/40 nm




NA immersion
EVOS FL 10x LWDPH 10x 0.30 dry
EVOS FL 20x LWDPH 20x 0.45 dry
Olympus XApo 20x 20x 0.8 dry
Olympus UPlanFL 60x CC 60x 0.90 dry
Olympus XApo 60x 60x 1.42 oil



EVOS M7000 acquisition software and Celleste 7 Image Analysis Software including 2D- and 3D-Devonvolution module