Travelling Conferences


Travelling Conferences
on Urban Transformations in Industrial Regions


Competence Field Metropolitan Research

and local partners in Germany, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

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As transfer project to disseminate and discuss research outcomes of the IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies on Innovation in East Asia a series of conferences in a special format has been initiated.

Travelling Conferences (TCs) are a format designed to promote and foster international exchange about specific current issues. More specifically, given the significant interest in questions of current urban transformation and comparable challenges in many metropolitan regions around the world (e.g. post-industrial transformation, demographic change, urban strategies of climate change mitigation and adaptation, waterfront development) as well as an interest in the ways in which policies, strategies, blueprints for such transformations are exchanged globally (e.g. research on policy diffusion, policy mobility, travelling concepts), this series of TCs aims to combine a theoretical and conceptual approach along with an empirical section on selected current policies. To accomplish this goal, a number of presentations are given at each conference, supplemented by panel and round-table discussions. Partners from the different regions involved as well as from academia, politics and administration are represented on all conferences to foster networking, the exchange of experiences and the transfer of research results.

The thematically and structurally similar events took place in Osaka and Ulsan in 2019. Due to the corona pandemic the conferences in Dortmund (originally planned in Essen) and Cincinnati had to be postponed to 2022.

Links to Program TC Osaka / TC Ulsan:

Tc Osaka Program     Tc Ulsan Program

Link to Program TC Dortmund:

Tc Dortmund Program

Link to Program TC Cincinnati:

Tc Cincinnati Program

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