Study Programs

Ms. Melanie KOGLER, M.A., Coordinator
Campus Duisburg
Office LE 602 in LE building
Please contact me by E-mail to set up an individual appointment.

Studying at IN-EAST

Important information (announcements, information regarding classes and exams, internship and job offers, etc.)  will be sent to your student E-mail account. Please make sure to check it regulary and/or enable automatic forwarding to your private E-mail account. Your student E-mail is the major channel for information from our side.

Course selection is determined together with Melanie Kogler before the beginning of each semester in an individual mentoring meeting, in which you can ask all your questions about available courses, recommended selection strategies etc.

Course registration is enabled on LSF during registration periods. (Deadlines are announced on LSF and by E-mail notification each semester.)

Exam registration is enabled on HISinOne during the exam registration periods (usually during 5th and 6th week of each semester). We provide you with a step-to-step tutorial on how to register for IN-EAST modules each semester.

Information Regarding Possible Stays Abroad

Please find here documents and information about a possible stay abroad in East Asia (study or internship) during your last MA semester.

First, please check this general information sheet carefully. It also contains the deadlines.

If you are sure you would like to apply for a stay abroad please use this application form.

If you have been invited to and attended the information meeting but have not yet submitted your statement of commitment, please print it out here, fill out and sign it and submit it a.s.a.p. to Ms. Melanie Kogler.

Data Protection: Your details are covered by the full set of data protection laws that are valid at the time of writing.

Information Regarding the Registration of MA Theses

Make sure to talk to Ms. Kogler before registering your thesis.

Please note that while information on MA thesis registration is still correct, the regulations for MA thesis submission are currently different due to COVID-19. Please contact Ms. Kogler well in advance of your planned submission date to find out about the current procedures.

Additional Course Offers within the University Alliance Ruhr

Within the framework of the UA Ruhr (University Alliance Ruhr) – a cooperation between Ruhr-University Bochum, TU Dortmund University and University of Duisburg-Essen – students have the opportunity to take courses at the other institutions. If you are interested, please check the links below. Please be sure to discuss the details with Ms. Kogler beforehand – especially if you want to have courses count towards your MA degree, the amount of CPs and the overall fit of the course content need to be checked and approved. If you simply want to take courses additionally out of interest, please make sure they do not interfere with your regular curriculum in MA CEAS and MEAS.

Open MA Courses in East Asian Studies at Ruhr-University Bochum:

General Courses in English in the University Alliance Ruhr (BA- and MA-level courses):




If you need further information or have open questions, please contact the Coordination Unit at
Ms. Melanie KOGLER, M.A., Coordinator
Campus Duisburg
Office LE 602 in LE building
Please contact me by E-mail to set up an individual appointment.

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