Jannis Saalfeld, M.A.

ResearcherJannis Saalfeld, M.A.

Room: LS 034
Phone: +49 (0)203-379-3847
E-Mail: jannis.saalfeld@inef.uni-due.de

Research Focus
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Research Focus

  • Religion and Conflict
  • Social Movements and Political Change
  • Power-Sharing
  • Regional Focus: East Africa (esp. Tanzania, Kenya)


► Saalfeld, Jannis / Hartmann, Christof 2020: Does Electoral Inclusion Constrain Jihadist Radicalisation in Africa? Development and Peace Blog, 08.12.2020.

► Saalfeld, Jannis 2020: Between Grassroots Contention and Elite Manoeuvring: Sub-Nationalism in Zanzibar and Coastal Kenya, in: Journal of Eastern African Studies (online first). DOI: 10.1080/17531055.2020.1790863

► Debiel, Tobias / Saalfeld, Jannis / Vüllers, Johannes / Weipert-Fenner, Irene / Wolff, Jonas 2020: Protestbewegungen, politische Umbrüche und Gewaltrisiken / Nachhaltiger Frieden, in: Friedensgutachten 2020. Berlin: Transcript, 71-91.

► Saalfeld, Jannis 2019: On the Divergent Trajectories of African Islamism: Explaining Salafi Non-Radicalisation in Zanzibar, in: Africa Spectrum (online first). DOI: 10.1177/0002039719887825

► Saalfeld, Jannis 2019: Before and Beyond Al-Shabaab: National Islamic Councils, Contentious Politics and the Rise of Jihadism in East Africa. Duisburg: Institute for Development and Peace.

► Debiel, Tobias / Saalfeld, Jannis / Hinz, Sarah / Johannsen, Margret / Schmitz-Pranghe, Clara / Vollmer, Ruth 2019: Flucht und Gewalt / Nachhaltiger Frieden, in: Friedensgutachten 2019. Berlin: LIT, 71-91.

Curriculum Vitae

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Since November 2018
Researcher at the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF)

10/2016 – 10/2018
M.A. in International Relations and Development Policy, University of Duisburg-Essen
(Thesis: On the causes of militant Islamism in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparative case study of Zanzibar and coastal Kenya)

01/2017 – 11/2018
Student Assistant to Prof Dr Theresa Reinold in the research project “The Rule of Law in African Regionalism”

08/2014 – 11/2014
Internship at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Tanzania office

10/2011 – 11/2015
B.A. in Political Science and African Studies, University of Leipzig