October 2020

20.10.2020INEF Insights 2020

The new INEF Insights present some of the highlights of our latest projects and publications and locate them in INEF's current research programme.

They can be downloaded here.

September 2020

29.9.2020Global Trade Cooperation after COVID-19: What is the WTO’s Future?

In GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 2|2020 Peter Draper investigates how COVID-19 has affected the (dis-)integration of global trade. 

The publication can be found here.  

9.9.2020International Expert Workshop in Duisburg

On September 25/26, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) and INEF will host the international expert workshop "The World Trade System after COVID-19: Pathways towards welfare-oriented trade policy". 

The workshop programme can be found here

July 2020

31.7.2020New Article on Contentious Politics

INEF researcher Dr. Johannes Vüllers is co-author of the International Area Studies Review article "The value of sub-national data: The dynamics of contentious politics in Nepal".

The article can be found here.

29.7.2020Four Trends Based on the Peace Report 2020

In the new edition of "Global Cooperation Research" Tobias Debiel and Johannes Vüllers derive from the Peace Report 2020 four trends of crucial importance to peace and development policy. In addition, Tobias Debiel shares his views on current developments within German peace and conflict research in a short interview.

The magazine can be read here.

10.7.2020New Article on Sub-Nationalism in East Africa

In his new article "Between grassroots contention and elite manoeuvring: sub-nationalism in Zanzibar and coastal Kenya", INEF-researcher Jannis Saalfeld investigates divergent dynamics of federalist and secessionist mobilisation in the territory of the former Sultanate of Zanzibar.

The article can be found here.

June 2020

23.6.2020The Future of Nuclear Arms Control: Time for an Update

Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, arms control became an integral part of the global security architecture. However, in 2020, we live in a different reality. In GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 01|2020, Angela Kane and Noah Mayhew criticise the fact, that arms control is still oriented to realities of the past.

The publication is available for download here.

22.6.2020Peace Report 2020 Published

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is keeping the world in suspense. It is consuming vast quantities of resources and has led to sweeping political interventions in the life of societies. Against this background, the Friedensgutachten 2020 ("Peace Report 2020") analyses current violent con­flicts, identifies trends in inter­national foreign, security and development policy, and provides policy recommendations.