In cooperation with three other peace research institutes (BICC/HSFK/IFSH), INEF publishes the annual Peace Report. In the report, scholars from various disciplines examine international conflicts from a peace-oriented perspective and offer strategic recommendations for policymakers. Thanks to its presentation at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin and its discussion in ministries, the Chancellery, Bundestag committees, parliamentary groups, and numerous media appearances, the Peace Report has received widespread attention in the political and public sphere.

Peace Report 2021: Europe Can Do Better!

The European Union (EU) faces enormous challenges: In the rivalry between the USA and China, it must determine its position. The conflicts in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus need creative, pragmatic solutions. Global solidarity is needed to deal with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the global erosion of democracy must be confronted. All of this requires that the EU target its "strategic autonomy" on peace policy. Last but not least, reducing military spending and curbing violence could generate a Corona peace dividend to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and renew the global economy in a socio-ecological way. Europe can do better – but it must also want to do better.

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