In cooperation with three other peace research institutes (BICC/HSFK/IFSH), INEF publishes the annual Peace Report. In the report, scholars from various disciplines examine international conflicts from a peace-oriented perspective and offer strategic recommendations for policymakers. Thanks to its presentation at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin and its discussion in ministries, the Chancellery, Bundestag committees, parliamentary groups, and numerous media appearances, the Peace Report has received widespread attention in the political and public sphere.

Current Issue

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is keeping the world in suspense. It is consuming vast quantities of resources and has led to sweeping political interventions in the life of societies. Especially in fragile regions of the world, there is a danger of socio-economic turmoil and political unrest. A global pandemic requires a global response – in terms of both geography and design. The EU has a particular responsibility here. If the current crisis can be dealt with via cooperative means, this also creates opportunities for the post-corona world. In the shadow of the pandemic, it is also all too easy for other threats to peace to fall off the radar or run out of control. They, too, have to be kept in view and dealt with.

The Editors' Statement can be downloaded here.

Debiel, Tobias / Vüllers, Johannes 2020: In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Four Trends Based on the Peace Report 2020. Global Cooperation Research - A Quarterly Magazine 02/2020, pp. 9-11.