Joint Annual Conference - Call for Papers

Together with the Käthe Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research, INEF invites submissions of abstracts for their joint Annual Conference, which will take place from 22-23 April 2021. Submissions can be subm

Conference theme: "Ideas for Re-ordering the World in Times of Multiple Crises:
Continuity and Change beyond Covid-19"

We seem to live in times of multiple crises: a global health crisis around Covid-19, a global ecological crisis around climate change, a global institutional crisis with populist and other challenges to liberal multilateralism, to name but a few. How do perceptions of these cumulative crises affect world order? The interdisciplinary Annual Conference addresses these debates by examining such crises and the re-ordering of the world along three dimensions:

  • Ideas for re-ordering the world
  • Actors and governance constellations
  • Institutional architectures and power hierarchies

The conference welcomes contributions from different disciplines across the social sciences, humanities and law, as well as diverse theoretical, historical, cultural and area studies perspectives. We welcome different forms of contributions, including presentations of research results, short
think pieces, and memos on specific methodological or disciplinary approaches to the conference theme.

To answer this call, please submit a title and a short abstract of maximum 250 words in English via the form below. The deadline for submissions is 24 January 2020 (11:59 pm, CET). Decisions on acceptance of proposals for a contribution will be communicated around calender week 8 of 2021.

For questions please contact Sigrid Quack (sigrid.quack@uni-due.de), Cornelia Ulbert (cornelia.ulbert@uni-due.de), Nina Schneider (schneider@gcr21.uni-due.de) or Christof Hartmann (christof.hartmann@uni-due.de).

Full call for abstracts

Abstracts can be submitted here

Which Role for the UN in Today’s and Tomorrow’s World? International Expert Workshop Held in Duisburg

On September 3/4, 2019, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) and INEF invited researchers and practitioners to address the challenge of the UN as “The Essential World Organisation: Reinvigorating the UN at 75”. Experts gave insights on the legitimacy and adaptability of the organization and shed light on strategies, reform challenges and new alliances, necessary to empower the UN to operate in a polycentric future and live up to its charter.

You will find the workshop programme and short report here.

Findings of this workshop were also reflected in a policy paper on “Shaping Multilateralism”.

Expert Workshop on “Goodbye to Elitism: Anchoring Global Governance in Societies”

On September 25/26, 2018, the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) and INEF jointly hosted an international expert workshop at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Our focus was on identifying new strategies which might enhance the progressive rooting of global governance in societies. Recent trends, amongst others urbanisation and digitalisation were reflected upon in light of their potential to foster participation of local actors and the democratisation of global governing.

You will find the workshop programme and a short report here.