GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS is a joint publication series of the Institute for Development and Peace and the Development and Peace Foundation (sef:). The series aims to identify options for international policy action in an ever more complex world, presenting perspectives from different regions. It examines current developments and challenges in the light of long-term political trends, and illustrates facts with figures and tables. Our aim is to present complex issues in a comprehensible manner - also with the help of graphics. In doing so, we continue the tradition of the GLOBAL TRENDS book series, which was published from 1991 to 2015.

Current Issue

For some time now, multilateralism, which is embedded in international law, has come under pressure. However, protracted turbulences and ambivalences which sometimes point in diametrically opposed directions create space for political actors. In GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS 2|2021, Heike Krieger calls on EU member states to promote favourable trends for stabilising the international order. To this end, they should prefer a legally embedded type of multilateralism over informal network structures of the like-minded. This will require these states to act consistently, credibly and compliantly and to continuously negotiate for shared understandings of international law, in particular with the Global South.