Prof. Dr. Sigrid Quack


Professorin für Soziologie mit Schwerpunkt Vergleichende Soziologie

Sigrid Quack, a sociologist with an interdisciplinary orientation, is broadly interested in the preconditions, actors and effects of the development of transnational institutions. Her research focuses on the constitution of epistemic and governance authority in cases of institution building characterized by the participation of private and civil society actors. She also studies the interplay of intended and emergent processes of institutionalization. Recent projects investigate the social and organizational practices that actors use to cope with regulatory uncertainties arising from the polycentric nature of transnational governance. Examples are projects on the organization of creative processes in the music and pharmaceutical industries in relation to intellectual property regulation; patterns of occupational mobility between NGOs in transnational labor markets; and recursive processes between rule-setting and the implementation of transnational standards and legal norms.

General research interests & fields

Globalization, transnational institution building, and institutional change

Epistemic and governance authority

Recursivity of transnational and international legal norms

Professions, expertise and transnational regulation

International standard setting (labour, environment, culture, finance)

Social and organizational practices of coping with regulatory uncertainty

Comparative economic and organizational sociology

Supervision of Dissertations

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External member of PhD dissertation committees

Ongoing Projects

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Organizing Creativity under Regulatory Uncertainty
Contested Authority in Transnational Governance
Social Services for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees: The Role of Interagency Cooperation

Completed Projects

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Trajectories of Transnational Governance
Elites on Trial? The Design of Institutions, Industries, and Organizations 
Global-Local Interaction in Cross-Border Governance
Transnational Politics of Professional Expertise: Convergence in International Accounting Standard Setting?
The Copyright Dispute: How New Transnational Actors and Standards Challenge Established International Control Regimes
Transnational Communities
Law and Legitimacy
Organizational reforms and gender regimes in Finnish and German banks
Women in Decision-Making in Finance in the European Union
Bankdienstleistungen für Klein- und Mittelbetriebe in Großbritannien, Frankreich und Deutschland
Eurobanking. Betriebliche Reorganisation von Banken in Großbritannien, Frankreich und Deutschland
Internationalisierung von Dienstleistungsintermediären