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The Institute of Socioeconomics has been offering its own master's program in socioeconomics at the Duisburg campus since the winter semester 2019/20.

In addition, the Institute of Socioeconomics is involved in teaching in the Social Sciences teaching program (Bachelor and Master) as well as in the BA Political Science and the BA Sociology.

In the teaching program, the Institute of Socioeconomics is responsible for the economic parts of the teaching program in Social Sciences (Bachelor and Master).

In the BA Political Science, the Institute offers a Socioeconomics course, which allows students of Political Science to specifically focus on socioeconomics in their studies. In the BA Sociology, individual courses are offered by lecturers from the Institute of Socioeconomics.

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Master's program in socioeconomics

The master's program in socioeconomics has been available since the 2019/20 winter semester.

Under the motto "Application-oriented - Plural - Interdisciplinary", we are focusing on central societal challenges at the interface of economics and social sciences in a separate degree program.

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Course supplement Socioeconomics in the BA Political Science

Students of Political Science at the UDE can choose the Socioeconomics course supplement since the summer semester 2018. In seven courses totaling 33 CP, students expand their political science studies to include a socioeconomic perspective. In understanding economic contexts, they benefit from their prior institutional and political economy knowledge and at the same time can supplement their understanding of political contexts with an economic component.

In addition to interdisciplinarity, a central principle is a pluralism of different theories and models, also with the aim of making the controversy of economic policy positions visible.

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If you have any questions about study programs offered by the Institute of Socioeconomics, please contact Dr. Daniela Strüngmann. 

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