Structure Preserving Adaptive Enriched Galerkin Methods for Pressure-Driven 3D Fracture Phase-Field Models

Prof. Dr. Winnifried Wollner (Darmstadt)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wick (Hannover)
Dr. Mirjam Walloth (Darmstadt)


The project is concerned with the development of innovative enriched Galerkin methods for the reliable simulation of pressure-driven fracture problems. Within this scope the project will consider the soundmodeling of pressure driven fractures in(quasi-)incompressible materials for quasi-static and dynamicfracture-propagation.Emphasis will be given to the analysis of the incompressiblelimit by combining mixed formulations together withrecent pressure robust discretizations for the Stokes-equation. This will be complemented by designing convergent adaptive mesh-refinement schemes based on new efficient error estimators for the variational inequality associated with the fracture irreversibility.  

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